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Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Hello, hello...I am back again with more beautiful, funky and one of a kind jewerly "tagua jewelry"

SO, It's hard to keep updating a blog when I have zero time left between making jewelry, taking care of my house and my little now 14 month old daughter. But, I have missed it so much. So I am back :)

These are the new arrivals for winter-spring 2012. I am so proud of my new designs, they all beautiful and different. Here are few pictures of the new jewelry. I hope you enjoy it. If you want to see more please fell free to visit

I have to say that, I have been busy working on taking better pictures of my jewelry. When I started my online business almost two years ago, my pictures were so poor :( compared to what they are now :).

All what I did was to put more light in the room where I take the pictures, set my jewelry in a black display with a white background and the most important thing...after I take the picture, I edit it. I have a mac computer which makes my work so much easier, I truly love my apple computer and the photo editor is great.

Here are my pictures of the before and after shots. I hope this information helps someone out there!!!


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