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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beautiful Tagua Jewelry "Holliday Sales"

Are you looking for a perfect present for Christmas?. Affordable, unique and cute gifts for your friends and family?.

A whole new collection of jewelry made of tagua, wood, seed and shell has arrived few days ago and now we are offering only for the next 30 days a big sales!!. Jewelry's prices are amazing, plus:

Save 15%

on all orders
until 12/17/2010.

Use coupon code: holliday2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

5 perfect presents for Christmas!!

Are you looking for affordable, unique and cute gifts for this Christmas?. Have you heard about handcrafted tagua jewelry? If haven’t, keep reading and go to www.latinartjewelry to check some of the beautiful and affordable handmade jewelry pieces.

1.- Three in one short tagua necklace. This is a beautiful and colorful necklace made of tagua, you can get it for $12 at

2.- Blue turquoise tagua bracelet with hand painted mate earrings.Can be yours for only $11, check the different colors and styles on newarrivals: combinations.

3.- Pink bracelet with earrings made of shell. You also can find this beautiful set on purple, orange and green (check newarrivals: combinations)

4.- Beautiful and colorful bracelet made of shell. Check the new arrivals: bracelet section, It can be yours for only $8.00

5.- Brown bracelet made of wood. This is one of the favorites and it cost $7.00

All this beautiful pieces are part of our feature products of the months, so you can check it out in our home page at

Just check around, there is so much to choose from in our website. A whole new handcrafted jewelry collection have arrived, so check it out and if you have any question or comments don’t hesitate to write me at: