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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Beautiful Tagua Jewelry "Holliday Sales"

Are you looking for a perfect present for Christmas?. Affordable, unique and cute gifts for your friends and family?.

A whole new collection of jewelry made of tagua, wood, seed and shell has arrived few days ago and now we are offering only for the next 30 days a big sales!!. Jewelry's prices are amazing, plus:

Save 15%

on all orders
until 12/17/2010.

Use coupon code: holliday2010

Monday, November 1, 2010

5 perfect presents for Christmas!!

Are you looking for affordable, unique and cute gifts for this Christmas?. Have you heard about handcrafted tagua jewelry? If haven’t, keep reading and go to www.latinartjewelry to check some of the beautiful and affordable handmade jewelry pieces.

1.- Three in one short tagua necklace. This is a beautiful and colorful necklace made of tagua, you can get it for $12 at

2.- Blue turquoise tagua bracelet with hand painted mate earrings.Can be yours for only $11, check the different colors and styles on newarrivals: combinations.

3.- Pink bracelet with earrings made of shell. You also can find this beautiful set on purple, orange and green (check newarrivals: combinations)

4.- Beautiful and colorful bracelet made of shell. Check the new arrivals: bracelet section, It can be yours for only $8.00

5.- Brown bracelet made of wood. This is one of the favorites and it cost $7.00

All this beautiful pieces are part of our feature products of the months, so you can check it out in our home page at

Just check around, there is so much to choose from in our website. A whole new handcrafted jewelry collection have arrived, so check it out and if you have any question or comments don’t hesitate to write me at:

Monday, August 30, 2010



Summer is about to be over, and that’s why www.latinartjewelry is having a huge 2-week summer sale on all the jewelry in the store!

Starting on Monday August 30th until Monday September 13th 2010 everything in the store is 20% discount plus free shipping. To get the discount, you have to enter the coupon code: summer2010 at check out and that’s it.

The jewelry’ prices are already ridiculous low, so hurry before it’s too
late, go to check all the beautiful, colorful and resistant handcrafted tagua jewelry and place your order.

You are going to love the jewelry, you will also love the packing, the quick delivery and the customer service, I guarantee you!

I will be more than happy to answer any of your questions you have, so please feel free to contact me at:


Web site:

Our facebook fans page:!/pages/Latin-Art-Jewelry/131436223551193?ref=ts

Our twitter account:

"And remember to check our blog, web site, facebook fans page or twitter account for updates: All new stock of handcrafted jewelry is arriving in October and many more surprises"

Monday, August 9, 2010

Our first month!! Tagua Jewelry

I feel really excited to talk about the past two months, because of all the effort, love, and time I have put in my little dream, my jewelry store “Latin Art Jewelry”.


Everything started in June, with the visit of my

mom coming from Ecuador, and bringing with her several pieces of tagua jewelry from a little town located on the Coast of Ecuador, called Mejia, there is a community of handcrafters that live there and all what they do is work with tagua and make this beautiful jewelry.

The entire month of June I was dedicated to setting the prices of the jewelry (which by the way are great!!), I worked hard taking all the pictures of the jewelry, putting together a facebook fans page, sending e-mails and specially organizing my first jewelry party at home, which I enjoyed so much.


July finally arrived and the first two weeks I worked with the help of my husband opening a web site, to be able to expand the business. I love my store web site and I think we did a great job, you can judge it yourself at:

I can tell you having an on-line business is nothing easy, it is a lot of patients, dedication, research and hours of hours on the internet. Every day I learn something new and find new ways to reach more people and share my business with the world.

I have not only worked putting together a facebook fans pages, web site, twitter accounts, blogs, but I have also worked other details for my business to be successful and specially for my clients. I have put a great deal of emphasis on customers to be completely satisfied with the products with faster deliveries, and customer service.


I am 100% focus on my online store, I also keep my store open at home for those who live around and want to see any of the jewelry, and you can easily stop by my house and see it. I am really exciting about this month, every day I can’t wait to start work, to show more people the jewelry and share with the world my products. I am also excited about participating in my first event open to the public, the Retiree Fair in Enterprise Alabama, this will be my first event for Latin Art Jewelry, please help make it special.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Tagua jewelry

Welcome to Latin Art Jewelry, my new online store !!!

We offer an array of beautiful handcrafted tagua jewelry like bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Each piece of the jewelry is truly unique. They're no two pieces of jewelry exactly alike, as they all have different designs and colors, and the prices are very affordable. Tagua nut jewelry is super resistant and the colors are just amazing.

What is Tagua and how the jewelry is made?

All the tagua jewelry comes directly from a little town located on the coast of Ecuador. The process of collecting the tagua nuts, designing, and selling the jewelry is the main economy for this small town in Ecuador. So when you buy some of our products, you are actually helping me to help this people back in my home country Ecuador.

It's really interesting to know how the jewelry is made, since it take several month from the moment they collect the tagua, until the moment the product it's made and ready to sell.

The tagua nut is a dried seed from the tagua palm tree, which grows in tropical rain forests of South America (Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Brazil).

The tagua nut comes in a fruit that carries multiples nuts. Each nut has a shell that contains the seed. This seed is the size of a chicken egg and is covered in a thin brown skin.

The nuts are sun-dried for 4 to 6 months before they can be worked with. Once dried, tagua can be polished to a bright shine. Tagua's natural color is white but it is easily to dye and can be found in a wide range of colors.