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Monday, August 9, 2010

Our first month!! Tagua Jewelry

I feel really excited to talk about the past two months, because of all the effort, love, and time I have put in my little dream, my jewelry store “Latin Art Jewelry”.


Everything started in June, with the visit of my

mom coming from Ecuador, and bringing with her several pieces of tagua jewelry from a little town located on the Coast of Ecuador, called Mejia, there is a community of handcrafters that live there and all what they do is work with tagua and make this beautiful jewelry.

The entire month of June I was dedicated to setting the prices of the jewelry (which by the way are great!!), I worked hard taking all the pictures of the jewelry, putting together a facebook fans page, sending e-mails and specially organizing my first jewelry party at home, which I enjoyed so much.


July finally arrived and the first two weeks I worked with the help of my husband opening a web site, to be able to expand the business. I love my store web site and I think we did a great job, you can judge it yourself at:

I can tell you having an on-line business is nothing easy, it is a lot of patients, dedication, research and hours of hours on the internet. Every day I learn something new and find new ways to reach more people and share my business with the world.

I have not only worked putting together a facebook fans pages, web site, twitter accounts, blogs, but I have also worked other details for my business to be successful and specially for my clients. I have put a great deal of emphasis on customers to be completely satisfied with the products with faster deliveries, and customer service.


I am 100% focus on my online store, I also keep my store open at home for those who live around and want to see any of the jewelry, and you can easily stop by my house and see it. I am really exciting about this month, every day I can’t wait to start work, to show more people the jewelry and share with the world my products. I am also excited about participating in my first event open to the public, the Retiree Fair in Enterprise Alabama, this will be my first event for Latin Art Jewelry, please help make it special.


  1. your stuff is so pretty. congrats on getting the store up and running. i found your blog through networked blogs--the discussion board on facebook. i follow you now. check out my blog and follow me too.

  2. Good luck to this entrepreneurship online. Nothing is impossible if you take heart to it. Wish you well in this endeavor in my prayers.

  3. I just heard about you from a friend of yours. I want to come to see you when you return, I just found out about tagua and went all the way to Tallahassee to find it and now i find out you are close, I am in Ozark

  4. I found your art at the Enterprise Fall Festival. Everyone raves about the green tagua nut necklace & earrings when I wear them. Love the colors! -Sheila in Dothan

  5. Oliveofoz: I am trying to contact you through AOL, If you read this, please feel free to check my online store
    I am back in Alabama so you can stop by any time to look my jewelry, here is my email to contact me: