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Friday, April 22, 2011

What a great month!!

April has been an amazing busy month. I have done 3 shows this month (2 festivals in Alabama and 1 in Georgia), and I have to said wow, I am so glad to be back doing this, I love my little business, which actually is not that little not more :)

I have new jewelry arrivals almost every month now, so this is keeping me really happy busy, of course my little (now 4 month old) baby girl still has most of my time and attention, but she is such a easy baby to take care of and love.

Thank you so much to all my customers who stop by my house to check my jewelry, and the ones who stop by my website. Now I am in ETSY too, and I have to said I love ETSY, what a great place to buy handmade items, ya'll should check it out (

I still have few pieces of the spring jewelry collection left, but the summer collection is about to arrive soon, so stop by anytime at

or by



  1. Glad to hear that you have so many shows, and very happy to learn that you are on etsy now, etsy is a great place to sell and but handmade. Hope the competition wouldn't discourage you from selling there. Just finished a blogpost about your store btw, left the links to your site and etsy store.

    Handmade Jewelry

  2. Armada, I just checked your blog post!! Love it, thank you so much for help me to share the world about tagua jewelry :)